Iodine Optical Clock for G2G

Iodine Optical Clock for G2G

In the frame of the Call for Ideas “H2020-ESA-038 GNSS Evolutions Experimental Payloads and Science Activities”, the activity targets the design and the development of a high level architecture for an on-board clock solution based on a laser stabilised iodine vapour cell, down-converted to RF via a stabilised optical frequency comb. Within this activity, the most critical required items shall be indenfitied.

It is based on preliminary frequency stability results measured on an Elegant Breadboard.  

The picture is courtesy of FBH (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik)

Prime contractor

Name: SpaceTech GmbH

Country: Germany



Name(s): Menlo System GmbH, DLR, Humboldt Innovation GmbH, Ferdinand Braun-Institut Berlin

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