esa-star and esa-p

The esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration – application, including its Entity Registration facility replaces the “Industry Outlook” component of EMITS.

Registration on esa-star is mandatory for all entities not yet registered as potential tenderers, wishing to do business with ESA.

Go to esa-star:

To become a “Registered Entity” with ESA, please read the guidelines below:

  • Check whether your organisation is currently registered as an “Entity” or a “Business Unit” belonging to an existing Entity;
  • If not, you can register your entity by completing the ESA on-line questionnaire and submitting your entry for validation;
  • Following this, you will have access to the features and services offered by esa-star and EMITS;
  • Please note that esa-star allows two levels of entity registration: “Light” and “Full”. This allows new users wishing to do business with ESA to carry out their registration in two steps. A “Light” registration will grant access to all esa-star services up to and including proposal submission. The award of ESA contracts requires “Full” registration.

esa-p is the supplier portal for ESA’s contractual partners, with the following main features:

controlled access and visibility on ESA contracts (contractual, invoicing and payment information) to Prime- and Sub-contractors directly paid by ESA;

submission and approval of electronic invoices and Milestone Achievement Certificates.

Access esa-p

The esa-p system can be accessed via the following link: