Feasibility analysis of ARAIM ISM generation by EGNOS

The activity comprises of:

1. Assessment of the current Milestone Reports produced by the EU-US WG-C ARAIM TSG in regards to the performance needs and constraints associated of the H-ARAIM and V-ARAIM Integrity Support Message (ISM) for both the on-line and off-line architectures

2. Identification of System requirements and architecture design trade‑offs

3. Prototyping of a Test-Bed architecture

4. Execution of relevant testing and demonstration activities to assess the user-level performance analysis

5. Preliminary draft of future EGNOS mission requirements and on a SoC to the System requirements based on the study results

The activity also assesses aspects related to impact of system monitoring and ISM generation within Galileo.

Prime contractor

Name: Thales Alenia Space

Website: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/global/activities/space


Name(s): Deimos Space S.L.U

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