GNSS Evolutions System Phase B G2G -General System Engineering

GNSS Evolutions System Phase B G2G -General System Engineering

The main objective of this activity is to support ESA at System level in its role as System Architect for the GNSS Galileo Evolutions G2G. The main support is focus on the following tasks:

  • Support ESA as System Architect of the GNSS Galileo Evolutions.
  • Consolidate the Mission/System Evolution Scenarios from Phase A.
  • Close-out and the Transition Scenario including system use case, concept of operation and user profiles.
  • Consolidate and Initiate the required System trade-offs and analyses.
  • Synthesis the Segments and pre-development feedback.
  • Consolidate the System and Segment requirements.
  • Support risk register/techno roadmap.
  • Support the milestone reviews with European Comission.

In order to meet the extremely challenging objectives this activity is divided in work orders (WO) where the scope of work is planned accordingly. 

In the WO 01 the main tasks are related with the G2G General Engineering System Tasks.

The main tasks are:

  • Overall System Engineering Consistency.
  • Requirements Engineering.
  • Architecture and design aggregation.
  • Data flows and segment interfaces.
  • Constellation Mission Analysis.
  • SAR.
  • Operability, M&C.
  • AIV.
  • PA&S.

Prime contractor

Name: Airbus



Name(s): Vitrociset Belgium, Deimos

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