GNSS ODTS Algorithm Technology - 2

The primary project objective is to define and prototype innovative Galileo Orbit Determination & Time Synchronization (OD&TS) and metrological algorithms in order to ensure the high user positioning and timing performance in the 2nd generation of Galileo system. These algorithms also make use of the new capabilities and technologies in the Galileo payload like inter-satellite links. The resulting accuracy of the orbit and clock products is evaluated for the set of candidate system configurations considering different options of the ground segment and onboard technologies. Another highlight is implementation of a Composite Clock algorithm which allows to compute Galileo reference timescale as a weighted average of the system clocks and makes it robust to failures of individual physical units.

Another important aspect of the project is definition and prototyping of innovative monitoring algorithms for the OD&TS products to support the integrity concepts for the horizontal and vertical ARAIM.

The project will deliver detailed algorithm descriptions, software prototypes, experimentation results and propose trade-offs which allow to meet performance targets of the 2nd generation of the Galileo system.

Prime contractor

Name: GMV



Name(s): Thales Alenia Space France

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