Inter-Satellite Links Technology - 2

Inter-Satellite Links Technology - 2

This activity develops and qualifies an RF- Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) Baseband Transceiver (TRX at EQM level). Following a successful System Requirements Review (SRR) the activity entered into the preliminary design tasks. The Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was kicked off on the middle of November 2018, and an agreement on the way forward for its successful close-out was reached on end of December 2018.  A joint ADS/ESA effort has allowed to assess in detail the adequacy of the preliminary design with respect to the specification, and has allowed as well as to consolidate this last. These design tasks pursue to ensure ISL-TRX forward compatibility with respect to a potential dual-frequency-operation for near-real-time dissemination. In parallel a significant effort is being performed on the definition, early procurement and testing, of the key verification test-bench constituent, namely the IF Channel Emulator (please refer to the photograph below). The H2020-013.02 activity has contributed visibly to the consolidation of the System, Segment and Payload requirements, associated to the potential G2G inter-satellite link capability

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Name: Airbus


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