High Power RF Passive Technology Framework - WO1: Combiner

High Power RF Passive Technology Framework - WO1: Combiner

The high level objective of this framework is to implement activities covering the development of the new generation high power RF passive equipment, according to the requirements considered for Galileo 2nd Generation, targeting enhancements of standard technology and new developments based on alternative technologies. These objectives will aim at coping with demanding requirements of next generation navigation payloads including increased power, signal quality (i.e. phase linearity, stability in temperature), and accommodation (i.e. mass and size).

WO1 covers the design, development and test of a L-Band Combiner up to Engineering Model (EM) level with high power handling and low loss performance for the next generation of Galileo satellites. Different technological solutions will be assessed and evaluated on Breadboards and the most suitable concept will be implemented for the EM. 


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Name: TRYO SENER Group

Website: https://www.tryo.es/tryo-aerospace/

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